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The distinctive subdivision of Harborview is located in the town of Smithville Missouri within Clay County.  With a wide variety of custom-built homes, our neighborhood provides homeowners with a genuine choice of lot configurations and settings. In harmony with the natural surroundings and lush greenways, we are pleased to call this our home.

Navigating this site is quite easy. Site menus are located on the far left of each page. These navigational aids allow users to view additional pages from just about anywhere they are on any given page.  A few areas worth visiting are:

Covenants: Governing rules of the associations. Please be aware that the covenants contained in this web site are only a condensed version of the most important topics affecting homeowners. These covenants are not written in its entirety. A complete copy of the covenants can be obtained from the Recorder of Deeds Office at the County Courthouse in Liberty. Amendment #4 is currently not enforceable, read more here and please vote on the proposed amendment.

Events Calendar: This page includes upcoming Harborview events and happenings while also allowing HOA homeowners to e-mail the board with any upcoming events they may want to have posted on this calendar. This is offered free of charge to all homeowners in good standing within the association. Please contact the board to have your event posted.

Newsletters: The most recent newsletters are posted at this site.
December 2016 is on-line now. Periodic newsletters are sent via email.
Please provide  the board with your email address and we'll ensure you stay updated

Annual Meeting Presentation, click on the pdf file here to view the 2017 Annual Meeting presentation:

Photo Gallery: Have your home included in the Photo Gallery. Then tell all of your friends and family to view your home from this site. This is offered free of charge to all homeowners within the association. Please contact the web-master to get your home included.

Watch Program: Information and updates on the Neighborhood Watch program within the Harborview community. Visit this page to get more information on how to be a good neighbor and look out for the safety of our children. 
Letter to the community.

               The Harborview Association Board of Directors:

The Harborview Homeowners Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of elected and appointed volunteers. This Assembly performs as an organized and efficient team of caretakers for our neighborhood's resources and public areas. Click here to see the contact list of current members.

Safety and beauty are the goals, an even better setting for life is the result

New Residents of Harborview:

As a new resident of Harborview, we sincerely welcome you to the neighborhood.  We trust your new home is everything you and your family dreamed it would be and you fill it with happiness and memories to last a lifetime.
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